The Ultimate Business Bundle

120 ratings

The Ultimate Business Bundle walks you through the entire process of building Non-PG Business Credit. This means you are Building Business Credit without using your SSN or Personal Credit

  • Learn how to interpret and understand your Business Credit Score

  • Understand how to obtain Non PG Business credit (without using your SSN)

  • What is a Duns Number & How to obtain one

  • Business Profile Setup

  • Best Virtual Addresses

  • Recommended Vendors

- The Business Bootcamp Webinar takes you through the foundation of correctly legitimizing your business, How to start building and what lenders are looking for. I take you through each strategy to maximize your funding potential.

-Also included is The Book Of Hacks. If you ever wanted to learn the industry secrets and behind the scenes tips and tricks on gaining approvals quickly this is for you!

In this bundle you get BOTH books, Preparing you for any and all types of business funding and lines of credit

- Plus so much more!

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The Ultimate Business Bundle

120 ratings